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@ -283,6 +283,22 @@ It should also be wayland by default, but you can check it by `doas apk add xeye
In order for screen sharing to work, go to `chrome://flags/#enable-webrtc-pipewire-capturer` and enable it.
Note though that every time you screenshare, there will be two promps from xdg-desktop-portal, one for picking a source, and another for actually sharing.
### Yubikey
doas apk add yubikey-manager
doas addgroup YOUR_USER plugdev
(not sure if the two commands above are necessary)
doas rc-service pcscd start
doas rc-update add pcscd
Yubikey should work in Chrome
### Archives
`apk install ouch` to avoid having to remember `tar` flags etc, and instead do `ouch decompress archive.tar.gz` (for any archive format).